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Youth Engagement

I am passionate about providing arts experiences to children because I have seen first hand how it can excite kids. In my artistic specialty of dance, I give permission and encourage children to groove, bounce, leap through the space, and create an imaginary world while simultaneously learning how to control their bodies, make bold, confident choices, work within parameters and articulate their individual creative choices. I believe that dance is an avenue that provides opportunity to think critically utilizing a different form of intelligence, one that is not typically emphasized in the standard classroom. I learned that dance was a place where students could feel successful at school. Dance deviated from the typical Verbal/Linguistic and Logical/Mathematical intelligence centered classroom and explored concepts kinesthetically, musically and interpersonally.  

Student Experiences

“My favorite part of dance is how you can be creative. Ms. Boylan taught me how to distract myself from being fearful. She teaches us different dance moves that I never even seen. She is my favorite prep teacher. I love her so much and hope she stays.”

                                                                                                                                                               -5th Grade Student

Photo Credit:Jessica Watson

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