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Teaching Philosophy

I am interested in deepening my students’ knowledge of their own body and how they can empower it to move most effectively and efficiently. No two bodies are identical and through increased anatomical understanding, my students explore the unique qualities of their body. I create a joyous space, where everyone feels safe to push the boundaries of their physicality and investigate questions of momentum, weight transfer, the connectivity of the spine, and finding clarity in disorienting movement. The classroom/laboratory I create, provides space for critical analysis of movement. I engage students in discussion to dissect how a movement pattern felt in their body and how movement changes when the focus or intention shifts. I believe that significant knowledge can be gained when examining the functionality of another body and applying found insights to your own body. I give my students opportunities to work in partners and utilize physical touch to prompt a sensitivity and increased awareness. My class structure starts with an improvisatory warm-up, where I use imagery to direct my students’ investigations. Verbal cues are spoken to provide auditory information and my moving body provides visual information to the students, which informs the investigations. I am invested in instilling a strong work ethic in my students and am most interested in inspiring a love of movement.

Photo Credit:Jessica Watson

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