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Coordinating Awkwardness

Hello I’m Julianna Boylan, a member of the senior class of 2018. I have had the privilege of working with three generous movers as I conduct research for my thesis, which will be presented in April 2018.

I am interested in how people look at one another and the tension that eye contact creates. We are using foreshadowing as a choreographic tool and investigating how a choreographic work can exist in a nonlinear fashion that consistently references past sections and exposes glimmers of what is to come. Throughout the choreographic process, I explore moments of disassociation, where a small section is misplaced into a different moment of time, where it is recognizable in a reconfigured way.

Thus far our rehearsals have included practices of looking at one another, laughing with identical cadences, exploring how movement can fall in and out of unison and creating solos inspired by Casper the friendly ghost. We work collaboratively; as the choreographer I propose a prompt and my three movers bring their individual physicality to the space. We have created an alternate world to exist in, a world of thrashing limbs, curious and sometimes frantic glances, and where phrases of movement are superimposed on top of others. A coordinated awkwardness has developed as we push into and explore ways of contorting the body. We have spent the last seven weeks creating a world and are about to embark on the process of destroying it, until it transforms into something new. Some of the things we have generated in rehearsal will not make it to the final performance, but the residue of its presence will remain, important in the progression of process.

I am excited to witness what manifests come April and I invite you to experience our alternate world. More thoughts to come.


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